Hi, I welcome to my little island of photography and babble . Since I never meant to be become a polysyllabic, hand flapper, tanned snob at a travel Celeb worship fest, don’t expect a phony world of glamour and business but a mixture of looniness and outlandish convictions, neatly presented with a image or two. 1786dodoOr as I did write somewhere else I think photography is rather pointless, but they do make nice memories. And maybe that’s enough for me.

‘Those who do not move, do not notice their chains’, as Rosa Luxemburg  said over a cuppa tea before crowdsourcing another social revolution. Maybe she referred to the dodo, maybe she was just tired of a lifestyle of custard topped biscuits, but in the end it didn’t matter, and like the unfortunate dodo she got butchered too. Here’s the thing, whatever direction I go,  a pain for society (and righteously so) or causa mortis making a splendid ‘chicken’ stew for hungry Dutch sailors, for now all I (and you) see is an ambigiuos stroll down memory lane.
Some of my posts:
Krabi elephant in the street 
Istanbul Sultanahmet streets 
Essaouira Morocco 

Life is zoo – better break loose so once awhile.